Algerian Presidency: Bouteflika to resign before April 28

A statement issued by the Algerian presidency said on Monday that the  Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika will resign before the end of his term of office on April 28.

President Bouteflika's fourth term ends on April 28, while protests continue in Algeria against his candidacy for the fifth term. "Bouteflika will continue to make important decisions during the transitional period after his resignation," the presidential statement said.

"The transitional period will begin from the date of Bouteflika's resignation," the statement said.

Twelve Algerian trade unions rejected the new Algerian government and decided to strike on April 10.

The Algerian Confederation of Independent Trade Unions called on Monday in Algiers to continue the popular movement against the re-election of Bouteflika.

The unions confirmed the rejection of Bouteflika's statement on March 14, as well as the refusal to deal with the new Algerian government formed on Sunday.

The source: Al Arabiya  Al Hadath


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