America confiscates Iranian weapons on way to Houthi

The US Central Command, Centcom, in the Arabian Sea, said in a statement that the USS Normandy warship, while conducting maritime security operations in the Arabian Sea, seized a quantity of weapons hidden in an Iranian sailboat.

The American leadership said: The weapons captured included 150 anti-tank missiles from the "Dahliyeh" type, knowing that this missile is an Iranian replica of the Russian "Cornet" missile, and the confiscated weapons included three Iranian surface-to-air missiles.

Many of these weapons are systems similar to the ones that were seized in the Arabian Sea in the 25th of last November that were sent to the Houthis in Yemen.

The statement added that "other components of the weapons confiscated from the sailing ship are of Iranian design and manufacture, and include three Iranian surface-to-air missiles, thermal imaging devices and Iranian components for targeted naval and air assets."

The statement did not mention the type of confiscated surface-to-air missiles.


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