American magazine: Russia's advanced missiles in Libya, to change balance of powers

Russia is trying again to control Libya after losing it following the intervention of NATO in this country, through private military companies. Russia is deploying accurate missiles that may change the balance of powers on the ground in its favor and its allies on the ground.

Defense analysts interviewed by Forbes magazine are trying to confirm whether Russia has deployed an advanced air defense system in Libya, as photos circulating on social media show missiles near Ras Lanuf in the east of the country, and this may be the famous S-300 system or even the more powerful S-400 missile system.

If this is the case, it could help turn the balance of the powers in favor of Russia and its local allies against the groups supported by Turkey, as there is widespread consensus among the analysts with whom the magazine spoke that the images published are Russian missiles, which NATO codenames," Cheese Board".

Aaron Stein, director of research at the Institute of Foreign Policy Research , says: "The Russians have quietly indicated that Sirte and Al-Jafrah are a red line, and I do not think that the deployment of these advanced air defense systems would be as surprising as it did in Syria earlier, which would make Turkey consider testing this red line."

Ironically, the S-400 system was exactly what Russia sold Turkey, and this led the United States to cancel the sale of American stealth fighters to Turkey due to concern that Russia might use the sensors of its missile system to extract valuable intelligence about the capabilities of American aircraft.

It may be that these images are fake rockets made of rubber in order to confuse the Military Intelligence, but even if they are fake, it is likely that it indicates a real system there, so whatever we look at these pictures, it indicates that S- 300 or S-400 are in this country.

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