Amid alert .. Israel deploys anti-missile batteries, artillery along Lebanon border

On Monday, the Israeli army deployed anti-missile batteries and artillery along the northern border with Lebanon, in light of tension on both sides of the border after a Hezbollah member was killed in a bombing attributed to Israel near Damascus a few days ago.

A state of alert looms on the northern border of Israel, in anticipation of a response by Hezbollah to the killing of Ali Kamel Mohsen, a member of the party in Syria, with Israeli shelling on July 20.

Israeli military sources suggested that Hezbollah would carry out an attack against Israeli soldiers in the border areas, in a revenge attempt to kill Mohsen.

Among the possible scenarios, according to the sources, is that Hezbollah launches anti-armor missiles towards an Israeli military vehicle, or targets soldiers via snipers near the border.

On Friday, Israeli media quoted the commander of the northern area of ​​the Israeli army, Amir Baram, as saying that the army's estimates indicated that Hezbollah was planning a revenge operation.

The Syrian News Agency "SANA" has reported that the Syrian air defenses confronted hostile targets in the sky of the capital, Damascus, on July 20.

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