Amina Omar: Idlib people realized plot against them, Recent events are irrefutable evidence on that

The co-chair of the Syria Democratic Council Amina Omar, during her speech at the Dialogue Forum in Aleppo, the protests of the people against Turkey in Idlib that guide the awareness of the people of Idlib and the Syrian people that the Turkish government is using them to implement their agendas in the region.

Amina Omar, the co-chair of the Syria Democratic Council, explained the developments in the region during her participation in the dialogue forum held by the branch of the Syria Democratic Council in the city under the slogan "Together Towards Establishing a Decentralized Democratic Syria" to discuss the council's project with independent intellectuals and politicians.

Amina Omar also touched upon the situation of the Idlib region, which is at an important stage in these periods after the military operations witnessed in the region and the deals that took place to hand over the areas to the Syrian government.

"Idlib's theme is that there are many terrorist factions with Turkish support, and the Syrian regime with Russian support trying to impose control over them. But the Russians and the Turks agreed on a demilitarized zone, However, to this day we have not found any implementation of the agreement to withdraw heavy weapons due to lack of confidence by some mercenaries in Turkey after the handover of al-Ghouta, Aleppo and other Syrian areas, this was the reason for Russia's violation of this agreement on the pretext that it was not implemented by the Turkish side. "

Regarding new deals, Amina Omar noted that after an emergency summit in Moscow between the Turkish and Russian presidents, the two sides agreed to hand Turkey the international road to the Syrian regime and a comprehensive cease-fire, which aroused the ire of the people there and realized their exploitation.

Commenting on recent events and popular demonstrations against the Turkish occupation, she said: "Turkey's interference in Syrian affairs led to the derailment of the revolution, which we would like to point out from the beginning, but after the handover of Khan Sheikhoun, civilians in these areas realized that they were just a commodity sold and bought." According to Turkish interests, anger erupted by burning Erdogan's images and storming al-Bab al-Hawa crossing.

The co-chair of the Syria Democratic Council, Amina Omar, concluded her speech by saying, "Now in Idlib, the international community intervenes to talk about it, under the pretext of paying attention to the humanitarian aspect, contrary to the Afrin issue and under pressure from the international community, which forced Russia and the Syrian regime to cease fire." Because their aim was to control the strategic international road in the region, and the terrorist gangs have no solution but to agree to a cease-fire, where will they go after the dispute with Turkey? the views of States it will change according to their interests.



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