Amina Omar: Political settlement is linked to IS final elimination

Amina Omar pointed out that the fight against IS mercenaries has gone through three stages, indicating that the political settlement in Syria is linked to the final elimination of Daesh existence, pointing out that the Democratic Autonomous Administration is part of the solution.

Girê Spî

As the announcement of IS' military defeat approaches, Hawar news interviewed with the co-chair of the Democratic Syria Council, Amina Omar, on the impact of the end of the geographical presence of Daesh on the track of political settlement in Syria.

Amina said that IS elimination will pass through three basic stages, namely the military and geographical elimination, which is currently underway.

She added: "The other stage is the elimination of sleeper cells existing in this region; international efforts are needed as they pose a greater threat than military presence."

She pointed out that the third stage is the elimination of Daesh ideology, and needs to build civil institutions, promoting education, reconstruction and raising awareness aspect, "If we finished these three stages, we can crystallize the final form of a post-Daesh stage."

On the impact of the end of Daesh mercenaries on the political settlement in Syria, Amina explained that the military elimination of IS is linked to the political process and settlement.

"Omar pointed out, "Because the countries involved in the Syrian affairs link the start of the political process with the end of IS, so we cannot say now, the stage of political settlement will begin, because the final elimination of Daesh is achieved yet."

Amina Omar drew attention to the convening of several meetings on the political settlement, such as Geneva, Astana and other platforms, which did not achieve any solution.

Omar noted, "There are contradictions and disagreements between these countries which share no consensus on the political process. It is not agreed to form the constitutional committee, which is the beginning of a new constitution for the future Syria."

The co-chair of the Democratic Syria Council, Amina Omar, said of the Democratic Syria Council and the Democratic Autonomous Administration are part of the solution to the Syrian crisis, asserting "We must be in the political process."

"We have to be present at all stages of the political process, especially to have representatives in the constitutional committee supposed to be formed this year." she said.


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