Amina Omar: Rohani’s statements are positive, yet not implemented on ground

Amina Omar pointed out that the statements of the Iranian president Hassan Rohani about the Kurdish issue in the tripartite summit of Astana process are positive, but yet have not implemented on the ground.


On Friday, the fourth summit between the guarantor countries of Astana process, "Russia, Turkey and Iran" in Sochi resort, to discuss the outstanding issues among them in the Syrian issue, led by Idlib file and the US withdrawal decision.

Commenting on Iranian President Hassan Rowhani's statement about the Kurdish issue in Syria, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, said that Rohani's statements that the Kurdish people are an integral part of the Syrian people and their rights in the political settlement are positive.

She added," but nothing is being implemented on the ground by these countries to solve the Kurdish issue"

Amina pointed out that Iran wants to return north and east areas of Syria to the Syrian regime control, or as it was before 2011 after the American withdrawal decision from Syria, and does not want to build the democratic project led by the leader of the Kurdish people and the basics of the democratic administration of all the area's components.

The Turkish regime also claims to be a sibling of the Kurdish people, she said "Those who are working to exterminate the Kurdish people and fight the democratic project and threaten north and east Syria on a daily basis are the Turkish regime led by Erdogan."

Turkey has called for the establishment of a buffer zone in Syria earlier this year under the pretext of protecting its national security, in contact with US President Donald Trump, who proposed the establishment of a buffer zone of 20 miles deep

Amina confirmed at the end of her speech that they will continue to struggle in the implementation of their democratic project, until the official recognition.



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