Amina Omar: We are open to dialogue with all Syrian parties to save our country

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC, Amina Omar, affirmed the council’s openness to dialogue with all parties to reach understandings that would save Syria from what she described as the Great Disaster.

Amina Omar’s speech came during the National Conference for the People of Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates, held in the city of al-Hasakah, and she said, “We hold this conference in exceptional and difficult circumstances the country is going through.” She expressed her hope that "it will be a new starting point in the process of democratic change in Syria, and for us to be active in a peaceful solution, such as the Syrian Democratic Council."

Basic understandings regarding the future of Syria

Amina Omar stressed the importance of internal dialogue between Syrians, "We have worked to develop internal dialogue with various Syrian parties, and we reached with them basic understandings regarding the future of Syria."

Here in this region, we held a series of seminars in various cities and towns in northern and eastern Syria in the past period, with the aim of listening to opinions and proposals that contribute to strengthening stability in the region, developing administrative work mechanisms, strengthening defense foundations and consolidating civil peace among the people of the region from all the Syrian components, where the participants clearly expressed their views in the seminars and leveled their transparent criticisms in a spirit of responsibility and a high patriotism, and presented constructive proposals that had an important role in reaching our conference today.

'Authoritarian approach distorted the course of the popular movement'

Amina Omar saw that the Syrian popular movement, which began in mid-March 2011, was exposed to many dangers and obstacles that were produced by the authoritarian ruling "to prevent the Syrian citizen from liberating and living in dignity." And millions of displaced persons and tens of thousands of detainees in prisons, and made Syria a hotbed of rogue and occupied countries and turned them into mercenaries who worked to serve the foreign agenda. "

Amina Omar drew attention to the administration’s approach in northern and eastern Syria, which kept the region away from the fire of sedition. “I realized the dangers looming, and prevented to spread the sedition that the regime and many external forces sought, and they worked to frame their forces in protecting the security and peace of the region, and they established their own and civil administrations, and they formed, The Syrian Democratic Forces, which contributed immensely alongside with International Coalition Forces in the salvation the world from ISIS clutches.

Amina Omar expressed her confidence in the administration, "which was formed seven years ago and passed the most difficult stages, and withstood the most severe forms of the Turkish aggressive attack, and developed with the efforts of the sons who assumed responsibility in critical stages, and strengthened this administration with more institutional work and superior experience in all fields."

Syrian Democratic Council pursues peaceful means to solve the Syrian crisis

Amina Omar emphasized the necessity of moving towards a peaceful democratic change in Syria, SDC, since its establishment, has sought the desired political solution based on the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and the principles of transformation and democratic change towards a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria," that would preserve and and religious components.

Amina Omar reiterated her calls for dialogue with all the Syrian parties, "We declare from this platform that we are open to dialogue with all Syrian parties in an effort to reach understandings that save our country and our people from the great catastrophe, and we feel in it the dangers and challenges that surround our people from all sides, despite our bypassed together." The most difficult stage in the history of the region by eliminating ISIS militarily, "warning of the occupation projects," We continue to struggle against the mentality of terrorism and tyranny, and to confront many of the plots being hatched against Syria from the partition projects, occupations, and processes of engineering demographic change. "

Amina Omar explained that they are in SDC "determined to move forward in consolidating democratic principles, social justice, women's rights, releasing freedoms, promoting participatory AA, developing institutional work, fighting corruption, and enabling the spirit of transparency, accountability, and the application of justice and law."

Amina Omar pointed out the importance of holding the conference and the hopes are pinned on it, "This conference will take upon itself to reach important and strategic decisions regarding the development and expansion of administrative work, enriching political diplomatic activity and delivering results that serve the interests of citizens."

She called for "all of us to show a spirit of responsibility and free will, and let us be at the level that befits the greatness of our martyrs and their solemn sacrifices, and let us preserve the covenants for which they fought, and let us be faithful to their inheritance and sincere in achieving the goals for which they were martyred."



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