Amina Omar: We cannot accept "buffer zones" under Turkish tutelage

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), Amina Omar, said, "the so-called" buffer zones "cannot be accepted under Turkish tutelage during a speech at the First conference of the Women Administration in al-Tabqa.


The Women's Administration is holding now the first conference, at the Khalid Alioui Academy in al-Tabqa, in the presence of hundreds of al-Tabqa women and delegations of women from northern and eastern Syria.

After a number of speeches, the co-chair of MSD, Amina Omar, spoke about the latest developments in the region. At the beginning of her speech, Amina noted the importance of the conference and said, "the conference is also aimed at establishing the foundations for the development of women and the burial of slavery and injustice."

On the political events, Amina Omar said that after the decision of America's withdrawal from the north and east of Syria, "we have witnessed many events and ambitions of many parties to occupy our regions and hit our democratic project."

She added, "MSD does not allow the establishment of a safe zone run by Turkey, SDF are the ones who protect our regions, and our project is the one who runs the region and the system that we will build it will remain."

"We want to say that we live in our areas safely with each other and continue to resist," Amina Omar said.



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