Amjad Othman: Turkey to give opportunity for terrorists to re-organize themselves

Spokesman of Syria's Democratic Council(MSD), Amjad Othman, stressed that dialogue is the basis for solving all problems, at a time when Turkey is mobilizing its forces on the border areas in northeastern Syria and threatens to occupy them.

About a month ago, the Turkish occupation army began bringing in soldiers and heavy weapons as well as digging trenches along the border with Gire Spi(Tal-Abyad) Canton and Kobani Canton in northeastern Syria.

The Turkish occupation state has publicly threatened to invade northeastern Syria militarily

Amjad Othman, spoke to ANHA about the situation on the border, explaining the council's position on these developments.

'The Turkish border has not been attacked yet'

"Turkey does not want the democratic project to be a solution to the problems of Syria," he said, adding that "Turkey is talking about so-called security and focuses on the need for a so-called the buffer zone. Turkey invokes border protection. But the Turkish allegations are not true, so far the Turkish borders have not been attacked and they are basically protected.

Turkey's goal is to enslave the peoples of the region

"There is a consensus on a 5 km deep security zone, the removal of heavy weapons, and the local forces would take over the border protection," Othman said.

 "Turkey says that it wants a safe area with a depth of 32 km, which means that it does not want a safe zone, but wants to enslave the people of the region and repeat what they practiced in Afrin.

"If Turkey attacks these areas, SDF will have to withdraw from many sensitive areas to protect the border areas, and this will give an opportunity for terrorist organizations to rebuild themselves," he added.

, Our demand is the basis of dialogue,

"The Turkish threats are very serious," he said, adding that "if the international community does not play its role, Turkey will act outside the framework of international agreements and laws ... we affirm that we do not want war with any party we have to be wary of Turkish intelligence traps."

'The regime must play its moral role and protect Syrian territory from threats'

'We have not seen any firm stance from the Syrian regime when the regions of north-east Syria are threatened, the Syrian regime is watching." At the moment, the Syrian regime does not play its role or take any firm stand. It must play its moral role and protect Syrian territory from threats.

As for Turkey's attempts to take advantage of the geopolitical site and play on more than one card and exploit Russia and America, he said: "Turkey has not won a contract with any party, Turkey's direction is foggy, Turkey tries to hide the problems of the home, the consequences of any attack will be in this sense, we seek to solve all the problems through dialogue."



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