Amjad Othman: Turkish presence in Syria is more dangerous than Daesh

Amjad Osman said that the presence of Turkey in Syria is more dangerous than Daesh, and called on the international powers to take a clear position on the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to areas of northern and eastern Syria.

This came during an interview conducted the Hawar News Agency with the spokesman for the Democratic Syrian Council (MSD), Amjad Othman, who called in his speech on international forces to protect the gains made in the north and east of Syria.

Osman congratulated at the beginning what he called the historic victory of Syrian Democratic Forces, adding "Defeat Daesh is a major victory, there are many parties, including Turkey, which threaten these gains and seek to undermine the victories of Syrian Democratic Forces. The Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without the participation of the representatives of the north and east of Syria, and so far there have been many meetings on the Syrian crisis, but all of them were failure because representatives of northern and eastern Syria were excluded. Had not the will of the peoples of the region been taken into consideration in the efforts to resolve the crisis, the Syrian crisis will continue and deepen. "

Daesh defeat is victory for Syria in general

Osman pointed out that many countries congratulated the Syrian forces on the victory over Daesh, but some countries, including the Syrian regime did not clarify its position. Othman stressed that victory over Daesh is a victory for Syria in general, and added in this regard, "The forces that defeated Daesh are Syrian Democratic Forces, all countries must see this victory, this victory has been achieved by virtue of 11,000 martyrs, this victory must not be underestimated, we support Syrian unity, and call for decentralization, the state hostile to the unity of Syria, however, seeks to divide it, we are open to dialogue. "

'The main danger comes from countries supporting Daesh'

"The international forces must clarify their position on the existence of mercenary groups in the region," Othman said, adding that the biggest danger is the countries that support mercenary groups, as long as there are states that back Daesh, it might return. Turkey is occupying Jarablus, Afrin and Idlib, and massacres are taking place in Afrin before the eyes of the world. The Turkish state is pursuing a clear occupational policy in the region, but unfortunately, so far no country has shown a clear position on this. "He said.

Turkey is more dangerous than Daesh

MSD spokesman, Amjad Osman, referred to the repeated Turkish threats against the northern and eastern regions of Syria, saying that "the threats and attacks of the Turkish occupation against the northern and eastern regions of Syria pose a danger to the world just as Daesh did. Now, through its policies, Turkey launches threats, which are more dangerous than Daesh."

Turkey's goal of occupying northern and eastern Syria is to occupy the Middle East. In order to restrict these ambitions, the international forces should support and protect the north and east of Syria."


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