Amouda bid farewell martyr Delo Hasaka's corpse

Hundreds of people from Amouda district of Qamishlo canton, bid farewell the body of the fighter Delo Hasaka, in the ranks of the People's Protection Units(YPG) who was martyred in the "battle to defeat terrorism".


Today, hundreds of residents of Amouda gathered in front of the Martyrs' Families Council in the district to participate in the funeral of the martyr Delo Hasaka, the real name Delberin Haj Yousef, who was martyred on 6 February in al-Jazeera Tempest campaign in the battle to defeat terrorism.

On the arrival of the mourners to the shrine of Martyr Ismail put the coffin of the martyr on the platform of the funeral ceremony, followed by the presentation of a military parade by YPG fighters, and then the administrative in Martyrs Families Council in ​​Amouda district Mohammed Said Farso delivered a speech.

The speech pointed out that the martyr struggled to protect the gains, freedom and dignity of his people with honor, and added: "He has become a star in our skies to lighten our path."

Then, the martyrdom document was read and handed to his family, amid chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs.



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