An attack on Ain Issa thwarted

The Military Council of Ain Isaa has thwarted an attack on the village of Al-Khalidiye, in the vicinity of Ain Isaa, in which a vehicle was destroyed.

ANHA's correspondents have reported that Turkish Occupation mercenaries tried today to penetrated into the village of Al-Khalidiye situated on the M 4 Road, to the west of Ain Issa, but the Military Council in Ain Isaa repelled the attack, Stressing that the attempt was thwarted and a military vehiecle was destroyed. 

Correspondents then reported that another assault was launched on Al-Khalidiye and Al-Hoshan villages.

Worth to note that lately, the Turkish Occupation Army and it's mercenaries have intensified their assaults on the north and east of Syria.


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