An explosion at an energy facility in Isfahan in central Iran

The Iranian "IRNA" agency reported today, Sunday, that an explosion occurred in an energy facility in the central province of Isfahan, noting that the accident resulted in no injuries.

The agency quoted a local official, that the explosion occurred at the power plant in the city of Islamabad, Isfahan, and the explosion was due to the erosion of one of the transformers, stressing that no injuries were reported.

During the past weeks, Iran witnessed a series of explosions that rocked several military, nuclear and industrial sites, including the Natanz facility.

The head of Iran's civil defense organization, Ghulam Reza Jalali, said that Tehran does not exclude that the explosions were caused by sabotage operations by opposition groups or the hypothesis of cyber attacks by the United States.

However, other Iranian officials considered that the explosions were the result of Israeli attacks.

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