An explosive device blew up in a civilian's car in Markada

An explosive device blasted in a civilian's car in the village of al-Sa'da, in the town of Markada where the driver got slightly wounded and members of the protection and self- defense forces were seriously injured.

Local sources told the agency's correspondent in al-Hasakah that the explosion of the civilian vehicle occurred at around 11:45 on the road linking al-Sa'ada village, 35 km away from Al-Shadadi, with the town of Markada.

The sources pointed out that the explosion coincided with the passage of a civil car (Hyundai Inter) as well as one of the self-defense forces, which led to the injury of 13 fighters, and they were transferred to the hospital in Shaddadi, 5 cases of which are critical and taken to hospitals in al-Hasakah.

A source from Markada noted that the condition of the driver is stable now.


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