An IS woman: it has nothing to do with Islam!

"I was deceived, IS has nothing to do with the Islamic religion, I am sorry, we appeal to the state of Azerbaijan to receive us," says a woman who came out of al-Bagouz with her two sons and surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces.


Since 2012, mercenary groups have succeeded on the territory of northern and eastern Syria. The mercenaries have practiced terrorism against the peoples of the region. In 2013, mercenaries appeared to rally on the scene, occupying many areas and committing many massacres against the people of those areas. Among these areas, Deir ez-Zor where battles are ongoing till now. Recently, SDF have liberated many civilians from the grip of IS mercenaries, and many families of mercenaries have surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces from the region. The liberated civilians and mercenaries' families now live in the al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah canton and the number of mercenaries' families in the camp is increasing day by day, and so far the international community has taken no action against their presence in the camp. Mercenaries' families, the majority of whom are women and children, appeal daily to their countries to receive them.

The number of refugees living in the one-kilometer al-Hol camp, supervised by the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, has reached to 63,000. As al-Jazeera Tempest campaign progresses, the number of civilians and mercenaries' families who are housed in the camp is increasing.

There are many mercenaries' families in the camp. They come from Germany, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Russia, America, France, England, Iraq, Canada, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Including a woman from Azerbaijan who spoke to our agency about her arrival in northern and eastern Syria.

"I was deceived by the name of religion"

Podrova Koldeniz from Azerbaijan's Balakan district came to northern Syria seven years ago, she says that she was deceived, "In 2012, my husband said that we would go to Syria and practice our religion there freely. My husband came to Syria before my coming," she says. Two months later, I entered Syria with my son to the city of Aleppo, where there were clashes between the Free Army and the Syrian regime, so they told us that whoever wants to leave the region can go to Turkey. But we went to al-Raqqa. My husband was killed and my daughter went to Azaz, while I am treated as an immigrant and they did not let me out. "

"There is nothing to do with the Islamic religion"

She explained that Daesh mercenaries are fighting for the Islamic religion, but in fact they have nothing to do with Islam. "I was deceived. I saw with my own eyes how they were beheading the Kurds and their children and how they were mutilating their bodies and playing with them. After I knew that IS mercenaries had nothing to do with Islam, I wanted to escape, they warned and practiced injustice against me and they said this is the Islamic state and no one can get out of here until the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated us." Podrova Koldeniz said.

Koldeniz appealed to the state of Azerbaijan to receive them, and said: "My mother and my brothers live in Azerbaijan, we appeal to the State of Azerbaijan to receive us, we regret to come here."


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