Anger in Tunisia because of the visit of

Parliamentarians and activists made angry comments from the leader of the Ennahda movement to Turkey and his meeting with its president in a closed meeting at a sensitive time, and they saw it as a provocation to the Tunisians, a national betrayal, and a violation of the independence of national sovereignty. Some even called for him to be held accountable in Parliament and to request an official clarification and explanation of the reasons for this visit

The visit of the "Ennahda Movement" leader Rashid Ghannouchi to Turkey and his meeting with the Turkish President raised many questions in Tunisia about its timing and reasons, and left doubts and concerns about its goals, its relationship with the internal situation in the country and the recent developments in Libya.

Turkish President Erdogan received the leader of the "Ennahda Movement" in the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, and held a closed meeting with him, as part of a surprise and mysterious visit that was not announced in advance, came a few hours after the fall of the government formed by Ennahda and not giving it confidence in parliament.

Mohsen Marzouk, Secretary-General of the "Tunisia Project Movement" party, said that "Parliament Speaker and Renaissance President Rashid Ghannouchi went to Istanbul to meet with Erdogan immediately after the fall of the government, as he went on similar occasions, confirming once again beyond any doubt that the decision of Ennahda Movement is linked to directives Turkey".

"He can go to meet his Turkish leader whenever he wants, but in his personal capacity. As for the character of the speaker who is entrusted with the sovereignty of the people, this is unacceptable and should not be continued."

Marzouk called on the members of parliament to move in this direction and withdraw confidence from him, saying: "Free members of parliament should ask themselves how can the institution of their parliament preserve in the person of the speaker become a dependency on a foreign country? This is an additional reason for a change in the presidency of the parliament."  In his turn, the journalist and researcher in civilization and Islamism, Ghofran Hosseini, considered that "Ghannouchi's visit to Turkey to meet with Erdogan on the morning of the toppling of the government in Parliament and after his meeting with the head of state Qais Saeed, and before the start of negotiations on the new prime minister and the middle of a regional atmosphere precursor to the conflict over Libya, and Turkey is a party to a conflict on our borders, it represents a negative political message for the Tunisians, not in terms of timing, in terms of form, or the media output of the visit, even if the subject of the meeting is to discuss the last episode of the series of the Resurrection of Argutl.

In response to these criticisms, the "Ennahda Movement" said in a statement published on Saturday evening, that Ghannouchi's visit to Turkey and his meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are part of the congratulations of driving the new Turkish car, during which Ghannouchi renewed the call of President Erdogan to encourage Turkish businessmen to visit Tunisia and invest In it, he sent partnerships with Tunisian businessmen, adjusting the trade balance between the two countries, and a dialogue took place between them on the new developments in the region and the new challenges they face.

These justifications, which were circulated by the "Ennahda Movement", raised the Tunisians' sarcasm on social media, and considered it to cover up the real goals behind the visit.

Meanwhile, the "Free Constitutional Party" started moves to withdraw confidence from Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi, the day after Parliament voted not to give confidence to the government proposed by Habib al-Gamli.



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