ANHA agency documents names of one of wounded over Turkish air attack

ANHA correspondent said that the citizen who was wounded on the Turkish attack on the Qamishlo-Derik road, is called Ahmed Al-Salem.



On Wednesday, a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation state targeted a car in the junction of Ma'ashouq village, 7 km east of Tirbe Spi, in Qamishlo canton.

According to ANHA correspondent, the attack resulted in the injury of Ahmed Al-Salem, 45, from the village of Girê Merki, east of Tirbe Spih, who was near the targeted car at the time of the attack, in addition to the injury of people who were traveling in the car, according to preliminary information.The wounded person was transferred to a hospital in Qamishlo for treatment.

The Internal Security Forces have not yet issued any statement regarding the attack.



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