ANHA obtains confessions of first official in charge of ISIS cells in Al-Hol

ISIS member Ahmed Khashea, known as "Abu Khaled" who was arrested last Monday, is considered the first official of ISIS mercenary cells in Al-Hol camp, the link between the cells inside and abroad called "Al-Jarrah" and ANHA agency was able to conduct a meeting with him and obtain some of his confessions about the crimes they committed in the camp.

Last Monday, YAT managed to arrest the first man of ISIS in Al-Hol camp and responsible for its cells in the mercenary camp, "Ahmed Khashea, nicknamed" Abu Khaled ", based on the confessions of the second man of ISIS in the camp, Qusay Muhammad" Abu Karar. 

In the context of ANHA correspondent continuing to keep up with the security operations in the camp, he was able to hold a private meeting with what is known as "the first man of ISIS and the cell official in the camp, Ahmed Khashea, known as" Abu Khaled in the camp.

Who is the ISIS terrorist, Abu Khaled"?

ISIS Ahmad Khashea Ubaid, nicknamed "Abu Khaled al-Iraqi", was born in 1992, hails from the Iraqi province of Anbar. He got acquainted with ISIS with the announcement of the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" in Iraq in 2014.

How did he reach Al-Hol camp?

With the beginning of the Iraqi forces' advance towards the cities of Anbar Province, ISIS Abu Khaled al-Iraqi fled with ISIS leaders and their families to the Iraqi city of Al-Qaim, near the Iraqi-Syrian border early 2016.

He headed from the Iraqi territories towards the Syrian lands after ISIS lost its control areas in Iraq and the Iraqi forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces approached the city of Al-Qaim in February 2018, to settle in the town of Al-Sha`fah in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

ISIS "Abu Khaled al-Iraqi" and his family, accompanied by his father, mother and daughters, arrived in Al-Hol camp on February 28, 2019, as an Iraqi refugee, after the Syrian Democratic Forces had cracked down on ISIS mercenaries in Hajin and Al-Baghouz during the Al-Jazira Storm campaign.

What did he do in the camp?

 The ISIS "Abu Khaled al-Iraqi" began when he entered the camp as responsible for distributing aid and zakat to ISIS families in the camp, from the funds that reach the camp through remittance offices, by the person in charge of ISIS families and cells in the eastern region, what is known as "Al-Jarrah."

How do I become the first responsible for cells in Al-Hol?

Al-Iraqi continued his duties entrusted to him until he took over the succession of the first man of ISIS in Al-Hol camp after ISIS isolated its emir and first man in the camp, "Abu Karar Al-Iraqi", in August 2019, after Abu Karar embezzled the money of some ISIS families in the camp, according to Abu Khaled".

Abu Khaled was assigned as a background for repetition since his date to take over the matters of forming security cells, military, monitoring, and managing the affairs of ISIS families in the camp. After pledging his allegiance to ISIS again on this mission.

What are the goals of regrouping in Al-Hol?

Regarding the organization’s purpose in assigning it, and what they are seeking in the camp, ISIS’s Abu Khaled al-Iraqi said, “The main purpose of the groups is to prevent the organization’s ideology from disappearing, to preserve the organization’s families, and to urge families to educate the children of the organization’s families on this thought.”

He added, "Therefore, two groups were formed, the first of which was the distribution of funds and managing the affairs of the families of the organization, keeping the families related to the idea of ​​organizing, and limiting its abandonment, and the other group was security to hold accountable and deter everyone who deals with security agencies and other armed groups, without organizing, and to solve the issues of the families of the organization in conflicts in the camp".

Al-Hol camp, which includes more than 60,000 people among “Syrians, Iraqis and foreigners,” witnessed during the past year and this year an increase in the movement of ISIS cells in the camp, in an attempt by ISIS to reorganize itself.

During the first three months of this year, 47 murders occurred against Syrians and Iraqis in the camp, according to the Internal Security Forces of northern and eastern Syria.

What are the reasons for committing murders in Al-Hol?

Regarding the groups' murder, ISIS said, "We were targeting people who work with the security and administrative authorities in the camp, those who deviate from the ideology of the Islamic State."

The methods of the killings, varied, but in recent times they have turned to gun killings.

Regarding the methods of deterring violators of ISIS's ideology, he said: "At the beginning we used sharp tools, later used the silencers, which were received by the camp through tanks for distributing drinking water."

An Iraqi ISIS militant, Abu Khaled al-Iraqi, in response to his reasons for joining the ranks of ISIS, considered that ISIS is the only savior for the Sunnis, and said, "Wherever the organization walks on the ground, we will walk with it."

It is reported that ISIS mercenaries lost the last areas of their geographical control in northern and eastern Syria, after the Syrian Democratic Forces' battles against it in its last strongholds in the Al-Baghouz region on March 23, 2019, during those battles thousands of ISIS mercenaries were arrested, and more than 45,000 arrived. A person from ISIS foreign, Syrian and Iraqi families to the Al-Hol camp in the east of the country.



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