ANHA's correspondent, Gulistan enters intensive care after surgery

ANHA agency Gulistan Mohammad, who was hit by the Turkish occupation army in al-Munbateh neighborhood east of Girê Spî, entered intensive care following an operation at a hospital in Manbij.


The sniper the Turkish occupation army on Friday, targeted  ANHA correspondents Gulistan Mohammed and Ibrahim Ahmed, while they were covering the situation on the border between Girê Spî and Bakur Kurdistan, resulting in injury of the 2 correspondents and were taken to the National Hospital in Girê Spî for treatment.

The condition of our correspondent Ibrahim Ahmed, who was injured in his hand after the medical staff to treat him in the hospital stabled, while the medical staff sent Gulistan Mohammed to hospitals in Manbij for surgery because of the unstable health condition of a sniper shot in the face.

After the operation, the medical staff at the specialized hospital in Manbij city put Gulistan in the intensive care, and according to doctors, it will follow up its health status in intensive care until tomorrow.



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