Ankara is afraid of sanctions, tension is mounting against the backdrop of Britain's takeover of Iranian oil tanker

At a time when Ankara is preparing to receive Russian missiles amid the imposition of US sanctions, tensions between Tehran and the British and American allies escalated following the London takeover of an Iranian oil tanker was heading to Syria.

The world newspaper touched upon the tension between NATO allies and tensions between Iran, the United States and Britain.

Ankara is preparing to receive Russian missiles amid warnings of sanctions against Turkey

A Kremlin spokesman said Russia would begin delivery of the S-400 air defense system to NATO-member Turkey in the coming days in a deal likely to lead to US sanctions and test links to the Western military alliance, the Washington Post reported.

But the scope of the possible response from Washington remains mixed with conflicting messages.

President Trump publicly expressed his sympathy for the decision of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to buy the Russian air defense system. However, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo warned of tough measures, such as canceling the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey.

The possibility of imposing US sanctions on Turkey under the 2017 law on cooperation with "enemies" is also on the table. On Friday, the State Department reinforced warnings of "very real and negative consequences" for Turkey.

At the same time, for NATO, the Turkish agreement lies in influencing military coordination.

The United Kingdom is in a diplomatic stalemate with Iran and Spain after seizing the oil tanker was heading to Syria

In a related context, the British Independent newspaper reported an official complaint filed by the Spanish government as well as the threat by an Iranian official against the backdrop of the seizure by British forces of an Iranian oil tanker off Gibraltar by the Royal Marines, although the implications of concern at a time of rising tension.

"We are studying the circumstances and considering how this affects our sovereignty," said Spanish Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell.

However, the Spanish Foreign Ministry earlier confirmed that the ship had been suspended "in compliance with EU sanctions" against Syria and that the Spanish government had therefore chosen not to intervene.



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