Another fire consumes agricultural land in Kobani

Fire broke out in agricultural crops in Kobani's Minas village, consuming dozens of hectares of agricultural land, in addition to a number of pistachio and olive trees.

Fire broke out in the village of Minas, adjacent to the city of Kobani from the west, where dozens of hectares of agricultural land were on fire, some of which were not harvested.

According to the residents, the fire was caused by a fire that started from a harvester that was operating in the village.

The fire caused the burning of some 50 hectares of agricultural land planted with wheat and barley, some of which were not harvested, as well as the burning of dozens of pistachio and olive trees in the village.

The citizens, along with the fighters of the People's Protection Units, rushed to extinguish the fire until the fire engines arrived, which helped extinguish the fire.

Over the past few weeks, most of northern and eastern Syria have witnessed fires, most of which were fabricated by thousands of hectares of agricultural land.

The amount of land that has been burned by the fire in Kobani so far is about 1500 hectares, mostly as a result of a fire from the village of Qajar as a result of a short circuit.

A fire broke out yesterday in the villages of Shasha, Qartal, Matin and Be'er Arab east of Kobani canton, which led to the burning of dozens of hectares before firefighters and locals' water tanks extinguished it.



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