Another mass grave found in Şengal

A mass grave of the victims of ISIS mercenaries was found in Şengal district after the 2014 attack.

The "Patricor" human rights organization announced that a mass grave was found in Şengal district, which was subjected to genocide committed by ISIS mercenaries in 2014.

According to the organization's report, "Based on information obtained, excavations were carried out and the cemetery was found."

The report said: "Remains of women and children were found in the cemetery, some of which belong to the Shiite component of Şengal who were killed by ISIS mercenaries in 2014. Unfortunately, as a result of the concrete pouring stage in the school, their skeletons were destroyed by a shovel."

It is worth noting that 85 mass graves have been found in Şengal district so far, and the search process began in the first mass grave in the village of Kojo in Şengal district, on March 15, 2019, in the presence of United Nations representatives.

T/ Satt.


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