Anwar al-Mushref: AA still receive Idlib displaced people

The Autonomous Administration’s (AA) counselor said that the situation in Idlib casts a shadow over the Syrian regions in general, and that the Autonomous Administration areas continue to receive the displaced people fleeing Idlib.

The talk of the counselor of the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria Anwar al-Mushref came during an interview held by Hawar agency with him to talk about the reason for the recent escalation in Idlib city, its reflections on the ground and the ways of solution from the viewpoint of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Al-Mushref said that the impact of the war in Idlib city extended to all Syrian lands, especially the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria areas in terms of increasing the human tragedy and pushing the displaced people to the area that houses more than 300 thousand displaced people due to the continued attack.

He continued: "In addition to the thousands of displaced people from the areas of Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê who displaced from their areas earlier and went to the areas of the Autonomous Administration, we are now receiving the refugees of the Syrian city of Idlib which weighs heavily on the Autonomous Administration and increases the human tragedy of the displaced in light of the bad weather conditions witnessed in the region."

Al-Mushref added: "The Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration continue to receive the people fleeing Idlib city, and they will provide them everything they need. In addition, they started building camps for them."

The Autonomous  Administration advisor pointed out that what is happening on the ground in Idlib is a result of the failure of the Astana and Sochi track and the unwillingness of the guarantor countries to reach a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis."

He added: "The escalation does not serve everyone, has negative repercussions on the crisis and the path of a comprehensive solution in Syria, and it will increase the human tragedy for civilians in the war zones."

Al-Mushref explained that the solution lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue which the Autonomous Administration has always called for to reach a comprehensive solution that ends the war, the tragedy of the Syrians and the Syrian crisis.

The Autonomous Administration advisor Anwar al-Mushref concluded his speech by calling on the active counties in the Syrian affairs to stand seriously and support the political track of the solution through the comprehensive dialogue that ends Syria’s crisis.


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