Anwar Muslim: Signing agreement between SDF, UN is introduction for international recognition

 The Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) of the Euphrates Region Anwar Muslim said that the agreement signed between the United Nations and the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) is a prelude to UN recognition of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of northeastern Syria.

"Our people began to reap what they planted and our political and military bodies began to work with the international bodies to legislate the forces in the north and east of Syria, and this is happening gradually," Muslim said during a meeting attended by dozens of dignitaries and tribal leaders from the villages and towns of Kobanî Canton. And representatives of a number of states in international forums. "

A few days ago, the United Nations signed an agreement with SDF to prevent the recruitment of people under the age of 18 in a move that many saw as an opening and a prelude to UN recognition of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria as a key and active force in the Syrian arena.

In another context, the co-chair of the Social Justice Council, Beker Jerada said, "There is often a lot of social problems between a society that has different beliefs, religions and different people, but the need today is for tribal and justice representatives to support justice to control the people's high impulses about certain problems that are deliberately created."

Jerada praised the prominent role of the clans' elders in eliminating the seditions.



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