Arab clans: Erdogan aims to exterminate all components N,E of Syria

Arab clans' notables of Qamishlo canton pointed out that Erdogan aims to exterminate all the components of north and east of Syria, and occupying north and east of Syria, and his attacks is targeting the city of Tel-Tamr that the majority of the residents Armenian and Assyrian components, and occupation of Jarablous, al-Bab, Azaz, and Afrin was hard evidence.

He explains in this regard the Arab tribal elders in the canton of Qamishlo that the Turkish attacks are the beginning of genocide against all components in the north-east of Syria in all its all sects.

The notable of Shammar clan, Fahad al-Khedan, said:" We as clans, believe that attacks on areas of northeastern Syria against all components of the attacks initially focused at the beginning on GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed and Ras-al-Ain / Serêkaniyê in both areas, the majority of the population is Arab, and the goal is to empty the area from its indigenous and to settle people who have no historical links to this land.

Al-Khedan explained that whoever claims that AA is a separatist administration is delusion: and said" We are all brothers on this land and we defend with each other our land, our offer and the gains of our martyrs. We stand united with the SDF, which stands up to Turkish attacks, and extend our hand to all those who help us stop the bloodshed.”

The international community only condemns this and it is not enough

On behalf of the tribes of the region, he called on the international community to intervene immediately to stop the Turkish occupation attacks on northern and eastern Syria and to prevent Turkey from occupying new territories within Syria. The international community condemns only the attacks and this condemnation is not enough because our people are killed, looted and abandoned, '' he said.

Erdogan aims to occupy the northeast region of Syria

The notable of Tayeh clan, Zahid Muhammad lied Erdogan's allegations, and pointed out that the Turkish occupation claims fears for its national security of the Kurdish people, said: "The northeastern region is inhabited by Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs and Armenians, Erdogan's main goal is to occupy the northeastern region of Syria, and his attacks now on the city of Tel- Tamr. Which is inhabited by Armenian and Assyrian, and the occupation of Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz and Afrin, are overwhelming evidence.

"Why did Turkey not fear for its national security while ISIS mercenaries were on its borders?" He explained: "Turkey created ISIS and sent it to our regions to destroy the security and safety of the people of the region with its various components and sects."

Muhammad drew attention to the fact that the Turkish occupation aimed at the beginning of its attack on the areas of northeastern Syria, where ISIS detainees are being held in detention centers, he said: "The reason to rid them and return them to their arms, not to disclose their relationship with mercenaries during the past years."




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