Arab clans highly value SDF's role in defeating "terrorism"

Sheikhs and notables of the Arab clans in Tel Burak area valued SDF's role in liberating the region from "terrorism" and stressed the need to stand "united against any attack on it and the dignity of its people."

On Saturday, the Relations Office of SDF in Tel Burak district organized a meeting for the Arab clans’ sheikhs and notables to explain the latest political developments internally and externally, and the region situation in general at the headquarters of Al Hole Military Sector Council in the district.

Arab clans’ sheikhs and notables in Tel Burak area, and leaders of the SDF attended the meeting.

SDF's leader, Mazloum Koçer, spoke during the meeting about the latest political developments at home and abroad, and explained that Turkey is trying to occupy as much Syrian territory as possible.

Koçer noted that the involved countries in Syria aim to keep the peoples of the region consumer and unproductive, dependent on the West in their livelihood. He said: "But this country failed because the people of the region adopted the principle of free life and peoples' brotherhood as a base and did not abandon the inherited beliefs of the clans."

After the end of Mazloum Koçer's speech, the door to questions and interventions about the political, social and service situation opened before the clans’ sheikhs and notables.

Turki al-Mandel, Sheikh of al-Ali clan in Tel Burak district and the official spokesman of al-Jabour clan in Syria, praised at the start of his speech SDF's role in liberating the region from "terrorism" and their associates, and said: "This pure land was watered by pure blood, and thanks to these sacrifices, we are sitting safely today, discussing and making dialogues with all transparency. We take into consideration the situations of the region, the living and service situation, and all the elements of life in the region."

Al-Mandel stressed on his care for the unity of the Syrian territory, sanctity of its soil, its liberation from the hand of treachery and betrayal, and to stand united against any attack on it and the dignity of its people.

Discussions and interventions also focused on insisting on the unity of the Syrian territory, kicking the occupier, as well as some service issues, and the detainees in prisons, releasing those who did not have blood on their hands.



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