Arab clans' notables: We reject new Ottoman occupation under pretext border security

 Arab clans' notables in Tal-Hamis district have pointed out to their rejection of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands, saying Turkey displaced our people and killed children under pretext to protect border security."

The Turkish army and its mercenaries continue to launch its attacks on Syrian territory and target unarmed civilians and commit crimes against them, while the attack receives reactions against the Turkish occupation and rejects the Turkish presence in Syria and bring demographic change in the region.

In this regard, and during meetings with them, notables from Arab clans existed in Tel Hamis district of Qamishlo canton stressed the need to confront the occupation and the international community to break its silence due to its crimes in Syria.

Attiya al-Mizzal, one of the notable of the al-'Amud clan of the Arab Shammar clan, confirming that they do not accept a new Ottoman occupation in their land, pointing out that all Arab clans reject it.

Al-Mizzal continued by saying: The Turkish army is bombing civilians and using internationally prohibited weapons. This is an inhumane act and wants to exterminate the peoples in northern and eastern Syria.

For his part, Ahmed Dheiman notable of Banni Sabaa caln from the village of Mathlotha: "The violations committed by the Turkish state against us are offensive and result from colonial ambitions in Syria, leaving exodus and killing of civilians."

Dheiman explained: "We hear that there are ceasefire agreements between the conflicting countries in Syria, but these agreements have not been implemented and are still working to displace and kill citizens and looting and stealing their property and expulsion from their land, and the whole world is silent on the killing of the Syrian people in northern and eastern Syria. ''

And added: "The aim of the Turkish state in occupying northern and eastern Syria is to change the demographics and called on all countries to stop this attack on the Syrian people and on the entire Syrian territory."

"Where are the human rights organizations from these violations and the killing of children and civilians by this terrorism?"



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