​​​​​​​Arab clans' notables: We support SDF; invite people NE to join SDF's ranks

The Arab clans' notables in Tel-Hamis district have pointed out that SDF which is made from all the components of NE, Syria, was established to protect the area and its people, stressing that it deserves the support of its honorable citizens, appealing to the people of area to join SDF's ranks.

The National Security Advisor in the Syrian regime, Ali Mamlouk, met on December 5 with Arab tribes in Al-Jazeera region to call them to withdraw their children from the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and this meeting comes in light of the great sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra, and its fight against ISIS sleeper cells in NE, Syria. Commenting on this issue, the Arab clans' notables affirmed that they are supporters of the SDF until victory is achieved.

In response to the call of Mamlouk, the notable of the Arab clan of Bani Sabeaa in Tel-Hamis district, Ahmed al-Dahiman has explained that SDF is forces formed from the fabric of the people in this region, and said, "These forces were established to protect the region and its citizens from mercenaries and their attacks, and thanks to them they were liberated from ISIS starting from Tel Hamis to Deir-ez-Zor. "

Al-Dahiman pointed out that the Syrian Democratic Forces have defeated ISIS mercenaries, and therefore they deserve the support of their honorable citizens and their support in confronting the Ottoman occupation army and its mercenaries, explaining that the SDF and the Syrian army are facing the same enemy, which is the Turkish army and its mercenaries, whether in Idlib, Serêkaniyê, or Tel-Abyed, calling on the people of the region to support the SDF and join its ranks.

Zahia al-Jalloud, one of the administrators in the women's house in the area of Tel Hamis, and from the notables of al-Boughalb clan in Tel Hamis, said: The woman's role was limited to the home, and she had no role in the areas of life, and with the advent of ISIS it became more terrible.

Zahia Jalloud explained, "The democratic nation's project gave us freedom and saved us from the time of slavery, and supported women in all fields of civil and military life, until they established themselves, and defended their lands, honor, and made great sacrifices and great resistance within the SDF and YPJ, even became a symbol of resistance and struggle. "

At the end of her speech, Zahia demanded women in NE, Syria to join the SDF and YPJ to defend land and honor.

Abdel Karim Yusef al-Abdullah, one of the notable of al-Boughalb clan in the area of Tel Hamis, confirmed their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces, as they are made up of the people of the region, he explained that the forces that provided more than 11 thousand martyrs and 14 thousand wounded deserve appreciation and thanks for having cleaned the area of terrorism.

Al-Abdullah appealed to all the people of the region to support the Syrian Democratic Forces that defeated terrorism, and said: "These forces have no similar in the region."



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