​​​​​​​Arab clans' sheikhs: Turkey's recent external interventions are matter for concern

The sheikhs and notables of the Arab tribes in the city of al-Raqqa indicated that the Turkish state is the main driver of all terrorist groups in the world, and its external interventions in Libya, Syria and Iraq are the greatest evidence of its hostile policy towards the peoples of the region. Moreover, the international community must hold the Turkish regime accountable for its colonial policy in the region.

The Turkish state continues with its ruling system to adopt a hostile policy against all components of the Syrian people through the process of demographic change and the imposition of the Turkish lira with the aim of turkificating all the areas it occupied.

The sheikh of the al-Ali clan in al-Raqqa, Ramadan Rahhal, said that the Turkish state has adopted a hostile and brutal policy towards the Syrian people since the start of the first spark of the Syrian revolution by supporting the terrorist groups that have abused the Syrian people, especially ISIS and al-Nusra with the aim of occupying the Syrian lands.

Al-Rahhal added: "By imposing its currency and mother tongue, the Turkish state aims to change the composition of the population in the occupied territories in order to restore the aspirations of the Ottoman Sultanate to before 1923 by tearing the unity of the components of the people throughout the Syrian geography."

Al-Rahhal concluded his speech by saying: "Unfortunately, the international community continues to take a policy of distancing itself from all blatant Turkish interferences in the Libyan, Syrian, and Iraqi affairs that will lead to a long-term world war if the Turkish regime policy that aims at returning all maps to before the Sykes Beko is not stopped, in addition to the work on creating a new map that will go in the new Ottoman interest."

In turn, the notable of al-Henni clan Qassem al-Henni said: "The Turkish state continues through the remnants of its takfiri cells to create internal strife throughout the Syrian geography, and northeastern Syria in particular with the aim of spreading division and hostility among the components of the Syrian people who enjoy security and safety in the shadow of the democratic nation ideology and the peoples' fraternity."

Al-Henni added: "All Turkish foreign interferences in the affairs of countries have major implications by sending thousands of mercenaries to Libya, creating permanent chaos and legitimizing the occupation, so the international community must take a serious stand towards this."

Al-Henni concluded his speech by saying: "We are all concerned in curbing and stopping the dreams of the Ottoman Sultanate which is trying to undermine the will of our people with all components."



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