Arab coalition repels Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

Yemen's forces supporting the Legitimacy Support Coalition responded to two missiles and 6 drones launched by the Houthis towards Saudi Arabia.

The spokesman for the coalition forces, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, stated that the joint coalition forces were able to intercept and destroy two ballistic missiles launched by the Houthis towards Saudi Arabia to deliberately target civilians and notables.

The coalition's joint forces have also been able to intercept and destroy 6 booby-trapped drones launched by Iranian-backed Houthi groups from Sanaa towards the kingdom to target civilians.

Colonel al-Maliki stated that the Houthi groups deliberately escalated the hostilities to target civilians and notables inside the civilian and neighboring countries of Yemen by using ballistic missiles and drones.

He demonstrated the efficiency of the coalition's joint forces in countering and thwarting these threats by monitoring them from within the Houthi-controlled areas, destroying them, and responding to them.

He affirmed that the Alliance Joint Forces Command applies and takes all necessary measures to protect civilians and notables, and takes the necessary measures to stop these "terrorist" acts and failed attempts in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.



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