Arab component in al-Shahba confirms struggle continuation till isolation lifted on Ocalan

A number of people from the Arab component in al-Shahba canton in northern Syria stressed that the unity of peoples will foil the international conspiracy that led to the arrest of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and stressed that the struggle will continue until his liberation from Imrali prison.

In violation of all international laws, charters and norms, the Turkish occupation state continues to impose strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan who has been detained since 21 years.

Ocalan's arrest came after an international conspiracy in which several countries participated and which led on 15 February 1999 to his arrest in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, taking him to Turkey, where he is now imprisoned on Imrali Island.

The people in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, who consider Ocalan as their leader and take from his thought an approach assert that they will continue to struggle until his liberation and work to spread his idea.

The citizen Ziyad Ayham of the Arab component in al-Shahba canton denounced the international conspiracy against the leader of the peoples Abdullah Ocalan, and added: "The peaceful coexistence and the peoples' fraternity in al-Shahba canton have been achieved thanks to the thought put forth by the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

He pointed out that Ocalan's thought calls for stopping the bloodshed in Syria and the region, and pledged to work to spread Ocalan's ideology and philosophy everywhere he reached, which would fail the conspiracy that targeted him.

In turn, Leyla Saeed, a woman from the Arab component says: "We, as Arab women from the al-Shahba canton, have been associated with the idea of the democratic nation put forth by the leader Ocalan, and although the conspiratorial states have repeatedly tried to thwart the project of the democratic nation, only women of all components and together have managed to thwart all attempts."

Leyla pledged to follow Ocalan's thought and philosophy and spread them as much as possible in order to cause total failure in the conspiracy that targeted Ocalan.

The citizen Shukria Hassen says: "The conspiratorial countries will not reach their dream of erasing the Kurds and their culture through the imprisonment of the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

She added: "They were able to imprison the leader's body, but they could not imprison his thought and philosophy which call for democracy and brotherhood of peoples."

At the end of her speech, Shukria confirms that they will continue to struggle and work until the leader Abdullah Ocalan gains his freedom from Imrali prison.



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