Arab intellectuals: Ottoman mentality, Turkish state's practices are two sides of the same coin

Intellectuals from al-Raqqa said that the Turkish occupation state is trying to achieve its dreams and interests in Syria, which aims to regain its hegemony over the regions of northern and eastern Syria through recent threats.

Hawar News Agency polled the views of many intellectuals from al-Raqqa to talk about recent Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria.

The writer Kher al-Din Merai, said that as intellectuals, writers, we saw that the history of Turkey and its practices in these areas, before and now is the same.

Kher al-Din Merai noted that the Turkish state is historically known for its violence.,

"He added that they did not understand the meaning of real civilization, and this advantage they enjoyed gave them a chance to realize their dreams. The fact that they were deceived the people that they had an Islamic project to spread it in Europe contributed to spread their presence in the region for 400 years, but in fact they are looking for their interests in our regions.

The Turkish state occupied some parts of the Arab countries, including Syria, which considers it an extension of its territory, but the reality is different.

He added that Turkey has benefited and achieved some of its goals, such as its occupation of Iskenderun and Afrin region. It believes that it is capable of achieving more colonial objectives in our regions because the idea of controlling the territory the others are still stuck in its minds.

Al-Marai said that "Turkey's support for some popular uprisings in some regional countries, especially Arab countries, is to achieve its ambitions, not to support those uprisings, its main goal is to achieve their interests and ambitions in the Arab countries. The dreams of the restoration of the Ottoman state are still in their minds."

The scholar Mustafa Mustafa said that the construction of the wall around the city of Afrin after its occupation brings us back to the last period. Their intervention in Libya, Sudan and Iraq is to restore the former Ottoman Empire. The Turks, after taking control of the Iskenderun area, began renewing their their ambitions.

Mustafa pointed out that the Arabs suffered so much under the Ottoman occupation in all social, economic, political and cultural aspects, but the peoples in the Arab countries rose up in the face of the Ottoman tyranny, and here are the people of northern and eastern Syria through the principle of the peoples' fraternity do the same and face the Turkish occupation.

At the end of his speech, Al-Mustafa pointed out that the democratic method in our region disturbs other countries where there is no democracy in their countries, so the Turkish occupation state resorted to the threat method, and the last mobilization in Girê Spî, Aleppo or Idlib, evidence and proof of what is going on in their minds at the present time.



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