Arab League condemns Turkish violations of Iraqi sovereignty

On Wednesday, the League of Arab States condemned the repeated Turkish violations of Iraqi sovereignty, noting that it supports any move that Baghdad takes on the international arena in order to stop the military attacks and preserve the country's sovereignty, security and stability.

The Secretary-General of the League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said in a statement that he condemned "in the strongest terms the Turkish bombing yesterday on the Sidakan area on the Turkish-Iraqi border, which resulted in the martyrdom of two officers and a soldier from the Iraqi armed forces and a number of other innocent civilians in a flagrant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and the principles and charters of law and the principle of good-neighborliness. "

The statement quoted an official source in the Arab League, as "it supports any move the Iraqi government takes on the international arena in order to stop the repeated Turkish military attacks on Iraqi lands, and to preserve the sovereignty, security and stability of Iraq."

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