​​​​​​​Arab National Body: Turkish ambitions target all of Syria, Iraq and the region

Arab National Body condemned Turkish threats against north and east Syria, and stressed that Turkish ambitions aimed at occupying all of Syria, Iraq and the region.

Arab National Body issued a written statement about its position on the continuing Turkish threats against the regions of NE Syria.

At the beginning of the statement, the statement reads: "Turkish occupation state continues its threats to launch a new aggression against NE Syria, taking advantage of international conflict between Russia and United States of America to pass its goals."

Adding, "We in Arab National Body express our concern about current Turkish threats and the danger of Turkish goals in general, and we consider what they are doing as practices that violate Syria's sovereignty and threaten its national unity."

The statement noted that "Turkish ambitions target all of Syria, Iraq and the region, and before now it tried to occupy Damascus and Aleppo, and is working to implement a policy of gradual occupation of Syrian regions and then change their demographics."

In its statement, Arab National Body called "all components of Syrian people to unite and give priority to national interest at the expense of personal interests, and to support the resistance."



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