Arab newspapers about Syrian affairs

Jabhet al-Nusra is preparing to eradicate what have been remained of Turkey's militias in Idlib, while a Russian delegate to the UN noted that the Iranians, Turks and even Russians should eventually leave Syria.

The Arab newspapers published on Thursday morning touched upon the Turkish and Iranian presence in Syria.

Al-Watan: Jabhet al-Nusra is preparing to exterminate the remaining Turkish militias in Idlib and there are pieces of news about raising the "National Flag" in Tel Rifat ... The army continues to target the terrorists of the north.

On the Syrian issue, al-Watan newspaper, close to the Syrian regime, said: "After the great terrorist escalation witnessed in the north areas on Tuesday, the clashes has not subsided due to the repeated attempts of infiltration by the terrorists towards the points of the army operating in the area."

The newspaper added, "Terrorist gangs infiltrated on Wednesday morning from the axis of the outskirts of Mork, al-Sekhra and al-Jenaberah of the northern countryside of Hama of the "demilitarized zone," towards the army's points to attack them, but the elements of the army repelled them with automatic weapons ... A media source made clear that other terrorist groups belonging to so-called "al-Tawheed Brigades" tried to infiltrate from the axis of al-Madiq and Tel Osman Citadels in the western countryside of Hama towards the military points installed in Sahl al-Ghab to target them, but the army confronted. The army also fired with heavy artillery the headquarters of the terrorist groups in Khan Sheikhon, al-Tamanea, Tel al-Sheih, Tahtaya, Sekik, al-Khween, al-Zerzor and al-Katiba al-Mahjoura in Idlib countryside to violate Idlib contract as well.

According to the newspaper, Jabhet al-Nusra has taken from the bombing of elements of the Islamic Ahrar Sham Movement as one of the most important militias of the «National Liberation Front» formed by Turkey to the site of the army in the northern countryside of Hama without returning to the Chamber of operations under the excuse of completing the scheme initiated by the beginning of the year to eradicate the remaining armed militias of Turkey and the full control of the province of Idlib and the countryside of Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia surrounding it.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Nebenzya: Iran and Turkey will eventually leave Syria

As for the foreign presence in Syria, the Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya stressed that everyone, including the Iranians, Turks and even the Russians should eventually leave Syria, taking into account the debates among the parties about the reasons for their existence in this country.

He believed that "the formula of (Astana) is the only effective mechanism for achieving stability" in Syria, and expected that the international envoy Gier Pedersen will be able to declare the formation of the constitutional committee in the near future.

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