Arab notables stand in solidarity with SDF

The Arab clans' notables in al-Jazeera region have praised the great sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in order to rescue the people in the area from IS clutches, and pointed out that they are fully ready at any time to defend the land and the people of the region to confront any attacks, denouncing the Turkish threats on north-east of Syria. 


Many victories achieved by SDF against IS gangs in an extensive area in north and east of Syria. Daesh is nearing of total defeat in a small pocket in Deir-ez-Zor. In this regard, Arab clans' notables in Tel- Brak district in Qamishlo city in al-Jazeera region talked and appreciated the efforts of SDF, and they expressed their standing alongside with SDF in all battles, denouncing of the Turkish threats. 

The official spokesman in al-Jabbor Clan Council in Syria Turki al-Mandil said that Turkey wants to target the military forces which are existed in north and east of Syria represented by (SDF) because they were the only forces that were able to defeat IS in the region, and added that SDF fought bravely and liberated our areas from IS terrorism, and we appreciate their efforts and sacrifices.

On the Turkish threats and interventions and the external parties in the Syrian affairs and its borders, Turki al-Mandil said, "We, as the area's Notables, Clans and Tribe's Council, reject foreign interference in the Syrian lands categorically. The Syrian people have the right to defend their lands and maintain them, and we demand the international society to respect the Syrian's sovereignty, our people's security and stability.

Sheikh al-Abed said, "We, as Arab clans' sheikhs in the area, join our voice to the voice of our people who reject the occupation and any external intervention in our land and people in addition to looting our properties and the threats against the security that was spread in the region after the elimination of IS mercenaries by the sacrifices of our children who watered our lands with their blood."

Sheikh al-Abed said that SDF fought IS on behalf of the whole world, "They were ready to face this obscurantist gang which invaded and spread in the north and east of Syria, and was defeated by the forces, so we, youth and women, are ready to support our forces that freed us from terrorism."

We reject the Adana Agreement and everyone who participates in it

Sheikh al-Abed pointed out that recently, Adana Agreement was reintroduced, "This agreement is unacceptable to all of us, and we reject all those who participate in it. We have to gather our Syrian society and support the dialogue with the regime in order to realize our full rights."

Al-Abed said, "We, the components of the north and east of Syria are one hand, one sword, and one gun. When the decisive time would come, we would be fully ready to defend our land and our people against any attacks. SDF are our sons and daughters so we are support them and redeem them with our blood."



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