Arab notables: We to return refugees , refuse demographic change

The Sheikhs and clans' notables have stressed the Turkish aim of settling the displaced people in north and east of Syria is just new plan by the Turkish occupation state which aims to change the demographic of the area as what happened in Afrin.

Turkey says it is seeking to resolve the Syrian refugee crisis on its territory and resettle them in northern and eastern Syria, which means it seeks to displace the indigenous population of northeastern Syria and resettle others in their place.

The Turkish plan is clearly contrary to reality. In a narrow area such as the geography of northern and eastern Syria, where there are more than 5 million people, another 3 million can only be resettled at the expense of displacement of the indigenous population, which means a change in demographics as war crime under international law. However, the Turkish President presented his plan to the countries of the world at the fourth session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The Sheikh of al-Jabbat clan Tala Hila al-Sibat said: "The aim of the resettlement of refugees is the demographic change in the region, and it is totally rejected by the people of the region in the north and east of Syria,"

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria and clans' notables have expressed their agreement to the return of refugees from Turkey, but they refuse to turn the refugee issue into a tool for demographic change, especially when talking about the Turkish state that followed the policy of demographic change in Afrin, al-Bab, Jarablus, Azaz, Idlib, which is under the occupation of Turkey.

The notable of al-Ali clan from al-Walda clan Ramadan Muhsin al-Rahhal said "We call on Syrian refugees from northern and eastern Syria to return to their homes and participate in the reconstruction of their cities again."

Rahal pointed out that the Turkish occupation state occupied Syria for more than 400 years and left behind only ignorance and destruction in the regions, adding, "We do not have any personal problems with the Turkish people, who are today paying the bill of the policy of the corrupt Turkish regime at all political, economic and social levels."



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