Arab press ... Ankara trades with Arab causes and its mercenary groups commit crimes in Libya

​​​​​​​The Arab newspapers dealt with the advanced relations between Turkey and Israel, as well as highlighting Libyan fears of crimes that may be committed by Turkish mercenary groups in Libya, in addition to the conflict between America and Iran within the Iraqi arena.

On Monday morning, Arab press touched upon Ankara's policy of duplication, its aid from Israel, and the escalation between Iran and America in Iraq.

Al-Arab: Erdogan, claimer for the victory of the Palestinians, opens his country's airports to Israel

Al-Arab newspaper reported that Israel is sending aid to Turkey and said, "For the first time in ten years, a plane belonging to the Israeli company El Al Airlines has landed on Turkish soil." The policy of duality in the political discourse pursued by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime.

While expressing his rhetoric with full support for the Palestinian cause against the Israeli enemy, Ankara is working to build strong political and economic ties with Tel Aviv.

This highlights the Turkish president's trade in a pivotal Arab issue by raising only flimsy slogans for political marketing and to paint a false image of a Turkish regime that helps the oppressed and the weak.

The policy of duplication of Ankara's practices in its relations with the international community has been the subject of much controversy and criticism, since Erdogan ascended to the presidency.

A spokesman for "El Al" confirmed that the company "Dreamliner" plane landed at Istanbul airport today, Sunday, in the first direct Israeli flight to Turkey since the acute crisis between the two countries in 2010.

The Jerusalem Post wrote that in Istanbul, the Israeli plane was loaded with 24 tons of relief materials destined for the United States to help it in its battle against the corona pandemic.

Al-Bayan: wholesale crimes of Turkish mercenaries in Libya

As for Al Bayan newspaper, it addressed the crimes committed by Turkish mercenaries in Libya and said, "Regional and international parties have expressed their fears that Erdogan's mercenaries and their allies who are armed with terrorist groups will deliberately commit new crimes against civilians in western Libya, at a time when observers have expressed to Al-Bayan" About fears that the Turkish forces will use internationally prohibited gases against populated areas in an attempt to stick the accusation with the Libyan National Army, as was done by pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria.

The "statement" learned that transport planes landed last Friday evening at the airport of Mitiga base, loaded with new shipments of Turkish weapons, for use in the battles against the Libyan army.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses from the city of al-Asaba, which Turkish mercenaries and terrorist groups entered last Thursday, clarified the extent of the violations, which ranged from arresting identity and torture, looting of private and public facilities, breaking into homes and robbery of funds, in a repeat of what happened earlier in the cities of the West Coast by terrorists and mercenaries. ".

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: An escalation against al-Kazemi government led by Iran and its arms in Iraq

On the Iraqi situation, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, "About two weeks ago a belief spread about the supposed" armistice days "between Washington and Tehran on Iraqi soil, after their implicit agreement to accept Mustafa al-Kazemi as prime minister.

The belief arose out of speculation and talk that the two sides, the US and the Iranian, want not to put obstacles in front of al-Kazemi government to work to advance the reality of the country that has been exhausted by corruption and mismanagement and international, regional and local conflicts for more than a decade and a half ago.

However, there are indications that refute the "armistice" even with al-Kazemi, as Iran’s militia arms have, in recent days, returned to the practice of the same “previous games” described as encroaching upon the general framework of the state and its laws and challenging the authority of the government. On May 19, armed factions fired Katyusha rockets at the Green Zone, in a continuation of the series challenging the state for years. The missiles were launched from the Palestine Street area in Baghdad, which is a main stronghold of pro-Iranian factions. Then the followers of these factions returned to storming the MBC channel in an apparent effort to embarrass Prime Minister al-Kazemi in front of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and if the storming of the channel could be explained in a less severe way, the hostile campaign launched by the "electronic armies" of the Iranian factions cannot be condoned. Against Saudi Arabia, after the recent visit of al-Kazemi's envoy, Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, to Riyadh with the aim of strengthening cooperation relations with the Kingdom.



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