Arab press: US-Iranian messages in Iraq; European anxiety about a second round for corona

​​​​​​​Observers said that Iraq has practically turned into hit and run between Iran and the United States, and a place to communicate messages between the two parties, while the Libyan army is strengthening its positions to preserve the red lines, while terror and anxiety prevail in Europe from the second wave of the coronavirus.

On Wednesday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon the American-Iranian conflict, in addition to the Libyan situation, and the spread of the coronavirus.

Al-Arab: US-Iranian messages via drones and Katyusha rockets in the skies of Baghdad

Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with several topics, the most prominent of which was the situation in Iraq. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said: "Iraq has practically turned into square to hit and run between Iran and the United States, as the war of drones and Katyusha rockets reflects an advanced level of confrontation between the two countries.

On Monday, two Iraqi camps, north of Baghdad, hosting American forces were subjected to two separate Katyusha rocket attacks, one day after a series of explosions in another Iraqi camp, taken by Iranian militias, to store their weapons, south of the Iraqi capital.

The events of this week began with a very big explosion inside a joint camp between the Federal Police Forces affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior and one of the Popular Mobilization Brigades, namely the 45th Brigade of the Kataeb Hezbollah militia, which is close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Despite eyewitness testimonies confirming the presence of an object flying in the air at the moment of the explosion, the security authorities said that one of the equipment stores in the camp exploded due to scorching temperature, a story that was adopted as soon as it was issued, director of the PMF's media, Muhannad al-Aqabi.

However, this account did not hold true, and while the official authorities deleted of scorching temperature statement from its sites, information emerged confirming that the site itself, and perhaps the same spot, was attacked exactly one year ago, in the context of unknown attacks that destroyed the ammunition of most of the pro-Iranian militia within the PMF.

Informed sources say that the recent attack, which is believed to be carried out by American drones, destroyed medium-range missiles that the Revolutionary Guards recently transferred from Iran to Iraq, to store them temporarily, and then to Syria.

Observers say that the repeated fall of Iranian militia missiles within the empty spaces in the Iraqi camps hosting American forces, includes two signals; The first is that the groups that launch it are able to target, so they move away from the positions of soldiers and the vehicles that are easily identifiable within the camps. The second is that Iran does not want to be involved in the killing of American soldiers, which could open the door to an all-out war on it.

Observers say that the confrontation, which is currently taking place between the United States and Iran, is closer to a war of attrition from one side, as Washington strikes the weapons supplies of groups linked to Tehran, and receives responses in return.


Al-Bayan: Libyan army: a missile and air reconnaissance system to fortify the "Red Line"

On the Libyan issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said: "The Libyan National Army stressed that it will destroy any armed groups trying to get close to the Sirte and al-Jafra regions, stressing that it has the capabilities that will allow it to deter those who seek to threaten the two areas.

The Libyan army called on the local population in all regions to inform it of the locations of mercenary and terrorists gathering, and the director of the Moral Guidance Department of the General Command, Khaled al Mahjoub, stated that the eyes of the army are chasing the movements of mercenaries and terrorists everywhere, and he will not lose his eyelid until the liberation of the entire national territory from the Turkish invaders and militias.

Al-Mahjoub told Al-Bayan that the Libyan army will destroy all targets that may try to approach the red line around Sirte and al-Jafra, noting that the air force is on a continuous reconnaissance mission around the clock to monitor the enemy's movements.

Al-Mahjoub said that any hostile groups trying to get close to Sirte and al-Jafra will be doomed to death, adding: “We have the truth, the people, the land, the brothers, and our belief in the justice of our cause, and we are all ready to confront any attempt by Erdogan's mercenaries to break through the red line that we have set up with our sister Egypt.”

And Mahjoub declared that there is no solution in Libya in light of the continued Turkish presence and the influx of mercenaries, pointing out that Tripoli is subject to a declared occupation, and there are no fewer than 5,000 mercenaries that Erdogan pushed them to implement his expansion project, and achieve his ambitions to control the country and plunder its wealth.

Al-Mahjoub revealed that the army was able to repair the S-200 air defense systems that were destroyed by NATO during its intervention in Libya during the year 2011. The statement learned that the S-200 systems had regained their full capabilities to operate and represented an important addition to the Air Defense Force and its systems That was installed around Sirte, al-Jafra and the Crescent Petroleum area.

In turn, the Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces, Major General Faraj al-Mahdawi, announced the readiness of his forces to confront any Turkish aggression on the Libyan coasts, the Sirte axis and al-Jafra, and added that the navy put all its capabilities in the case of a general alarm to strike any hostile target that penetrates the Libyan maritime field in the Gulf of Sirte, reaching its regional borders Eastern, stressing that warships take charge of round the clock to monitor any attempts to penetrate the maritime field.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Corona's "second wave" terrifies Europe

Regarding the spread of Corona virus, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said: "British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday warned of a" second wave "of the" emerging corona virus "in Europe, in an attempt to defend his country's decision to quarantine all travelers coming from Spain after increasing cases in it.

Norway imposed similar measures, while Paris urged its citizens to avoid going to northeastern Spain, the worst-hit area in the country, and in the midst of horror from the second wave, Germany expressed "deep concern" over the high number of casualties.

In its turn, the "World Health Organization" confirmed yesterday that the virus "Covid-19" is not like the flu, which follows seasonal patterns.



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