Arabic 's calns shiekhs : Reject demographic change , Turkish's councils are illegimate

A number of Arabic 's calns sheikhs  in  al-Raqqa city have confirmed that the council, which was formed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, is illegal because the original Afrin residents are not in Afrin, denouncing the demographic change carried out by the Turkish occupation army.


Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interviews with number of shiekhs 's calns, condemning the demographic changes in Afrin and the Turkish interventions in Syrian territory.

Notable of clans al-Matyaf Ali al- Ali they are refusing foreign interefernce in Syria and continued his speech saying " The Turkish state is the Ottoman Empire occupied Afrin city because it is a strategic location in North Syria and it aims to spread the terrorist thought in all Syria."

On the council announced by Turkey after its occupation under the pretext of Administration of Afrin said al-Hawiwat Shiekh Mahdi al-Haji said  "The council declared by Turkey has invalidated an illegal council because most of the original Afrin residents are outside their city and Afrin has long been a part of all the components."

For his part, Notable of clan al-Hamrat Muhammad Abo Habal said that they are Syrian join hands togother "We condemn with one voice the practices committed by the Turkish occupation against  Afrin people and on the Syrian territory, the occupation of Afrin came after a Turkish and Russian agreement ."



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