Arabo: women's struggle increased, we entered new stage

Haifa Arabo noted that the formation of the Women's Council in the north and east of Syria has increased the pace of women's struggle and entered a new phase. She said, "Whenever we unite and unite our voices we will be able to play an active role in the new phase.

 On Friday, the conference of the Women's Council in north and east of Syria was held, under the slogan "Free Women's Union Is a Guarantee for a Democratic Syria" with the participation of women from all components and regions of north and east of Syria.

For this conference, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held a meeting with a member of the Kongra Star coordination, Haifa Arabo, who indicated that they are working to transfer the experience of women in northern and eastern Syria to Syria in general.

'There was a need for a general umbrella'

Added "After the defeat of Daesh mercenaries, a new phase has begun in Syria's north and east in all areas, at all levels. This stage has also begun to organize women. There are women's organizations and institutions in all regions of northern and eastern Syria. Women's organization in the region needed to form a public umbrella of these organizations and institutions, the purpose of this umbrella is to achieve women's unity. The convening of the Women's Council Conference in North and East Syria is a good step in the discussions on the political phase of North and East Syria.

Haifa Arabo noted that the council would affect all women in northern and eastern Syria, she said "We are working to transfer of the experiences that we have experienced in the region to Syria in full, today the organization of women and their strength is better than ever, and this conference is the result of the organization of the power of women."

Unity consolidates our strength "

Haifa Arabo explained that the great struggle shown by women opened the way for the formation of this council, and she continued by saying "Women will determine their role in the new phase in Syria, and as far as our unity and unity of voice, we will participate more strongly in the new phase. By the virtue of the voice of women in northern and eastern Syria will be discussed on the new constitution of Syria. Women must protect and preserve the gains that had been achieved, that is why we must unite our struggle."



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