Sources: Gunmen attack a vehicle carrying fighters of Al-Sanaded Forces

​​​​​​​Sources told ANHA correspondent that 2 gunmen attacked a vehicle carrying fighters from Al-Sanaded Forces, killing 3 fighters and wounding 4 others, while other sources said that the number of wounded reached 6 fighters.

ANHA correspondent in the area quoted sources in Media Center of Al-Sanaded Forces that the attack took place today, at Ali Agha in Tal Kochar district of Qamishlo Canton, by 2 gunmen riding a motorcycle.

According to preliminary information, the attack resulted in the martyrdom of 3 of Al-Sanaded Forces and wounding of 4 others, some of whom were critically wounded, and were transferred to a hospital in Derik, while other sources stated that the number of wounded reached 6.



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