Armed factions regained villages in Hama

The armed factions in Idlib managed to regain 2 villages from Sahel al-Ghab in addition to a part from Kefer Neboda of Hama countryside

 A local source from the northern province of Idlib reported that the mercenary factions were able to recover the villages of Sharia and Bab in Sahel al-Ghab in the northern countryside of Hama after fierce battles between them and the forces of the Syrian regime backed by Russia.

On the other hand, the source said that the mercenary groups recovered part of the town of Kefer Neboda by "70%", and destroyed two tanks and two military vehicles of the regime forces in this axis. The source sent a recorded video that he said belonged to the mercenary factions from inside the town of Kefer Neboda.

The source also said that a group of elements of the regime forces in Kefer Neboda was captured by the mercenary factions. The mercenary factions rely on suicide operations to restore villages and towns controlled by the Syrian regime with Russian air support.

The same source told our agency yesterday that 50,000 families have been displaced from the area of clashes to Afrin occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries since March 18, 2018.

Russian military support has been waging a military campaign against mercenary groups backed by Turkey for several days. The regime and the Russians say the campaign is being conducted "in coordination with Turkey" in the region.



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