Armenia: Azerbaijani armed forces establish bases for terrorist groups in Karabakh

The Armenian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Azerbaijani forces are establishing bases for "terrorist groups" in Karabakh, and warned of further escalation and destabilization on the borders.

Press Secretary of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, Shushan Stepanyan, stated, "There is reconnaissance information about the establishment of bases of terrorist groups by the Azerbaijani forces on the lands from which the Armenian factions withdrew due to tactical considerations in recent days."

"The activity of these groups would lead to further escalation and destabilization on the borders between Karabakh and Armenia, and would also aggravate the situation and pose a serious threat to the whole region."

Since the start of the conflict in Karabakh on the 27th of last September, Turkey has transferred hundreds of its mercenaries to fight on the side of Azerbaijan, amid the concern of international parties that it will destabilize the region.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday that Turkey has transferred a new batch of Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan, numbering 300 mercenaries.



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