Armenians: Isolation on Ocalan aims at standing up peoples' renaissance

The Armenian component in Kobane said that the Turkish authorities imposed isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan because his idea calls for openness and freedom. They also said the isolation is only an attempt to prevent  his instructions for the region people.

The Turkish state, imposes severe isolation on Abdullah Ocalan, preventing his lawyer and his family from meeting him. This is considered a clear violation of the human rights and the norms and conventions of the international law regarding the rights of prisoners and detainees.

This isolation is not approved by the Middle East peoles, particularly those who are persecuted and deprived of the basic rights.  They view Ocalan as the flame of salvation and resolving the outstanding issues in the Middle East.

 Both Armenians, Saykes Kisqirrkian and Khajik Mamulian agree that the imposed isolation on Ocalan has a greater purpose; it rather targets larger segments of the people who are inspired by Ocalan's ideology, and see it as a savior.

"We used to live in almost total darkness; the situation is different," Saykes Kisqirrkian told Hawar News Agency.  Ocalan's ideas enlightened our paths; I wish these ideas existed more than 50 years ago, we would have been better a thousand times" 

According to Saykes, the goal of isolation on Ocalan is to break the ties between him and the peoples of the region, and prevent opening on his idea, so that the issues of popular liberation do not earn their desired goals.

 "The aim of the intense isolation on the leader Ocalan is to stand up to the renaissance of the Kurdish people in particular, and to thwart the project of the Democratic Nation , which brings together all the components and spectra under one roof, providing them with opportunities for coexistence, each with its culture and language," Khajik Mamulian said.

"Ocalan's ideology and philosophy have developed the peoples of the region, eliminated racism and created a decent and free life for all," Mamulian said.

At the end of his speech, he denounced the Turkish occupation state's policy against Ocalan and wished to obtain his freedom as soon as possible.


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