Arrest of 13 officials of Election Commission of Turkey

Turkish authorities announced that they arrested  13 officials in the Supreme Elections Committee, about three weeks before the re-election to the presidency of the municipality of Istanbul, the largest Turkish cities.

The Turkish authorities

 have opened a disciplinary inquiry into these charges after allegations of involvement in "irregularities" during the first municipal elections in late March. Turkish sources reported.

The Republican People's Party candidate Akram Emamoglu defeated his rival Justice and Development Party candidate Ben Ali Yildirim, close to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the March 31 municipal elections.

But AKP did not admit this result and tryied to cancel the results.

In early May, Turkey's Supreme Electoral Commission ordered the re-election of Istanbul, after it said it had found "dozens of violations" on how to form the teams responsible for polling stations.

The Turkish opposition confirmed its confidence in winning the run-off vote on June 23.

Turkish authorities said they had discovered a link between a "terrorist organization" and officials at polling stations in Istanbul.

Turkish investigators concluded that 43 of the 100 elected officials were in contact with the network of the preacher, Fathullah Gulen, Erdogan's arch-foe, whom the Turkish regime accuses of being behind the coup attempt in July 2016.

The Electoral Commission did not provide an explanation as to how the composition of the teams responsible for voting would affect the election results, especially as the ballot boxes were monitored by all representatives of political parties, including the ruling Justice and Development Party.


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