Art, sports performances on 3rd day of schools' festival

The first festival of culture and art for schools in Qamişlo continues at its 3rd day with presenting theater and lyrical performances, sports paintings, folkloric dances and poems by the participating schools.


The activities of the festival began on Sunday by holding a minute of silence, and then, the administrator of Qamişlo canton’s schools and a member of the Education Committee of the Democratic Society Shahnaz Sawar delivered a speech and said, "We congratulate the festival on all children in North Syria and especially on the children of Afrin who were forced to quit their studying and were deprived of it because of the attacks of the occupation."

Shahnaz Sawar added, “The festival came after 4 years of training and teaching. We wanted to raise the spirits of the children through these events because they are the hope and the generation of the future, and with them, homelands would be built and flourished and with them, we preserve our heritage and culture."

Then, theatrical and lyrical performances and paintings of each band of the schools from the cities of Terbê Sipîyê, Gel Agha, Girkê Legê and Qamişlo offered on the stage of Mohammed Sheikho for Culture and Art in Qamişlo city.

The theatrical performances included paragraphs about the battle launched by the Turkish occupation on the city of Afrin, bombarding the children and depriving them of their childhood. They also presented a play criticizing the wrong ways of teaching such as beatings and insults that lead to the hatred of the student to study, in addition to misconduct of some children such as smoking and others.

Furthermore, the festival will end on Monday with the participation of the rest of the school’s bands of the cities in Qamişlo canton. And the prizes will be distributed to the winning bands in the festival.



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