As elections approach, Turkish authorities arrest HDP candidates

The Turkish police arrested on Friday the co-chair of the Democratic People's Party (HDP) in Adana Koleseren Turan and eight party's members and candidates in various areas with the preparations to run for local elections scheduled to be held on 31 this month.

The Turkish police raided the office of the party's co-chair in Adana, Kolesern Turan and took her to court. The security services also arrested the co-chair of the party's organization in Sihan city Hazem Yalgin, along with the municipality's member and the candidate Hussein Bayaz, the former members in the municipality Anwar Okmin and Zaki Aran, Ali Aslan and Yashar Demir (the party's commanders in Sihan) as well as Ahmed Alak, Mostafa Yildiz, Mohammed Ali Alak, Wesi Alak and Seraj Alak.

Informed sources said that the Turkish Interior Minister, Suleiman Soylu, issued orders to arrest the party's leaders and candidates under the pretense of "building courts" outside the state's control, while the detainees were taken to the court.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish state continues its "political genocide" against the Kurdish people and leaders and members of the Peoples Democratic Party, especially with the approach of the local elections on March 31 in an attempt by the authorities of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement to intimidate the Kurds and prevent them from voting for the party.

The source: ANF

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