As if a Turkish state, Erdogan orders opening branches of Turkish universities in occupied territories

The Turkish President Recep Erdogan behaves in the occupied Syrian territory as a Turkish state, and issued a decree to open colleges affiliated to the University of Gaziantep, indicating his occupational intentions contrary to what is being promoted.

Despite the claims of the President of the Turkish Justice and Development Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he has no intention of occupying the Syrian territory and annexing it as happened with Iskenderun, but the demographic change and teaching of the Turkish language in the occupied territories as well as raising the Turkish flag in schools and hospital confirms this.

In an affirmation of this intention, the Turkish media reported on Friday that Erdogan issued a decree to open three colleges in the occupied territories belonging to the University of Gaziantep.

According to the media, the decree signed by Erdogan to open the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in the city of Azaz and the Faculty of Education in Afrin, and another Economics in al-Bab.

Observers believe that Erdogan and through these colleges will seek to spread the teachings of the Islamic religion according to his own vision, especially as Erdogan supports the mercenaries of the Jabhat al-Nusra and the Muslim Brotherhood and before ISIS, in addition to his intention to prepare teachers in accordance with the Turkish vision to apply the Turkish curriculum throughout the region it occupies.

Previously, the councils formed by Turkey in the areas it occupied had openly declared the Turkish occupation army control over all the joints of life and institutions and confirmed that Turkey had appointed Turkish governors over the occupied Syrian cities and annexed those cities to Turkish states.

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